Miss A's Min lived in the US: How did she think photo was not racist?

23 October 2013 / 3 years 6 days ago

After miss A‘s Min was heavily criticized for posting a racist photoshopped photo, her agency has finally responded to the controversy.

According to a report on Soompi, Min’s agency commented on October 21: “Min posted that photo without any meaning,” and “Then she realized what was wrong and took the photo down.”

Previously, Min posted a photograpphed photo of American rapper Rick Ross andSunmi with an image of a fried chicken leg on the corner while the caption read, “Rick Ross – 24 Portions Are Not Enough.”

This photo was already widely circulated through the Korean online community, especially in hip-hop sites.

Many argued that including the fried chicken leg image was racist toward African-Americans because of the stereotype. Many others were outraged that Min used her labelmate and senior artist Sunmi’s photo as well.

Although Min deleted this photo and her agency made a comment, netizens are still pouring in their criticisms.

Some comments include, “It doesn’t make sense that someone who has spent such a long time in America doesn’t know the meaning behind that photo,” “Rick Ross is a must but she should also apologize to Sunmi as well,” and many more.

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