Miss A's Min causes racism storm after uploading this photo

22 October 2013 / 3 years 1 week ago

Miss A's Min recently caused a furore after she posted a photo on her Instagram profile that she apparently found funny -- a photo that had Rick Ross' head attached to Sunmi's body.

While that might not seem too offensive, the photo also included a fried chicken leg with the caption "Rick Ross - Lacking 24 servings", reported allkpop.

The fried chicken jab is a derogatory jab at many African Americans, and has a history back to when slaves would fry the leftover chicken from plantation owners to eat them.

The photo deeply offended many on the internet, and she has since deleted the photo from her Instagram.

However, there are those defending Min since Rick Ross/chicken memes are popular. He is know for his love of chicken and even owns a chicken restaurant.

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