Miss Hong Kong winner Grace Chan denies having plastic surgery

1 April 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Miss Hong Kong winner Grace Chan once has once again found herself at the centre of plastic surgery gossip.

Recent rumors surfaced that the 22-year-old Hong Kong native underwent plastic surgery while she was studying in Canada reports ihktv via Jayne Stars

In response, Grace posted her childhood pictures online, showing that she was blessed with good looks.

She also allowed the press to take close-up photos of her face at recent events.

Praised as one of Hong Kong’s most beautiful pageant winners in recent years, Grace’s has been compared to 1988 Miss Hong Kong winner Michelle Reis.

Thanks to her sharp facial features, it has been speculated that Grace is of mixed heritage although her parents and older sister look Chinese.

Grace recently shared a photo of her younger twin brother, who is said to look more Middle Eastern than Chinese.

There was gossip that Grace and her brother were adopted.

“Maybe there is mixed blood from my maternal grandmother’s side, with traits that skipped a generation. It has never come into question about whether I am my mother’s biological daughter or not,” said Grace.

Grace Chan
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