Miss Hong Kong pageant criticised for accepting applicants of 'mediocre quality'

13 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

In preparation for the upcoming Miss Hong Kong 2015 pageant, TVB held its first round of interviews and met with more than 130 applicants. Although young and vibrant, the women were of mediocre quality in comparison to previous years, according to JayneStars.

TVB executive Sandy Yue said, “They’re relatively decent. There are some with excellent education and good backgrounds.”

Netizens were particularly fond of 23-year-old Louisa. Donning a body-hugging dress, she exhibited a classy and pure disposition with a sweet smile, resembling Hong Kong actress Charlie Yeung. On the other hand, Jessica closely resembled Korean actress Bae Su-ji. Dressed in a flowery dress, Jessica often pushed out her chest and drew attention to her busty figure.

Netizens also noted Silvia’s slight resemblance to Miss Hong Kong 2014 Grace Chan. Karmen resembled 2013 winner Rebecca Zhu.

Although many applicants displayed a sweet and demure charisma, Celine instead opted for the sexy route. Appearing at the station in a low V-neck dress, Celine was not shy about displaying her heavy cleavage.

The most educated of the applicants, optometry school student Sunshine, wore a tight-fitting dress. Although slightly larger in stature than the other girls, Sunshine exhibited a healthy and fit physique.

Sandy Yue revealed that TVB will select 16 contestants from the applicant pool for this year’s pageant. Although TVB initially planned for on location filming in Korea, the contestants will go to Japan instead due to MERS. Sandy Yue said, “We are discussing with one of Japan’s renown model agencies right now.”

The gallery below shows the applicant of Miss Hong Kong 2015 as well as contestants from last year's pageant. Take a look at both sets of photos and decide for yourself if there are any stark differences between the contestants.

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