Miss Hong Kong finalist takes flak again -- this time for being 'gold digger'

12 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

Miss Hong Kong finalist Tammy Ouyang can't seem to get herself out of the media scrutiny. After she was forced to deny being the girl in a nude photo circulating on the Internet, Tammy is now being labelled a 'gold digger' as yet more intimate photos of her get released online.

According to a ycwb.com report, the guy in the photo with Tammy is a wealthy businessman, who 'took care' of her by letting her stay in his posh apartment in Central, and giving her chauffeured rides in a sports car wherever she went. 

However, she has since been reportedly dumped by the guy, who was also said to be the one who leaked in-bed photos of them onto the internet.

As if the questioning isn't tough enough, Tammy is also believed to be in financial difficulties due to a loan taken out in 2011 'for family reasons', and has been renting out her branded handbags for income.

In response to these claims, Tammy denied being a 'gold digger', and said that she was living together with female friends in the same area but had moved out after a mutual agreement.

She also took the chance to distance herself from the photos circulating online now, saying: "I've never taken a photo of me kissing someone else, let alone intimate photos like these.

Despite the slur of negative rumors, Tammy remains unshaken and insisted that she will not withdraw from the pageant, citing an unshakable spirit.

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