Miss Hong Kong finalist denies being girl inside nude photo

6 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

First, they were criticised for being 'ugly' and 'weird'. Then, they were mocked for having a fleshy midriff.

But a majority of the Miss Hong Kong finalists probably don't have it as tought as Tammy Ouyang, who was blasted for having undergone plastic surgery and also for displaying a flirtatious behaviour when interacting with people online.
As if the mountain for her to climb to reverse impressiond wasn't already high enough, the challenge just got harder after she was embroiled in a nude photo scandal.
According to a nownews report, Tammy Ouyang was said to resemble a girl who posed topless with a guy hugging her from behind in a photo that has been circulating online.
When grilled over the photo, the 20-year-old vehemently denied that she was the girl at the centre of this controversy, and swore her innocence.
Despite that, she found herself under the spotlight once more after she posted a photo which showed off her chests, and left a comment which asked: "Do you want to kiss my ball?"
Her post led to her taking flak from others for her behaviour, which led to her coming out to apologise for her actions.
While she has apologised for her actions, it leaves one to wonder if Tammy will finally be able to let her beauty and wit do the talking for her, or if she is just one step away from self-destruction.
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