Miss HK finalists given hard time by celebrity judges on stage

27 August 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

The 2013 Miss Hong Kong semifinals were aired live on Sunday, August 25.

According to Oriental Daily, 10 of the 20 contestants were selected for the finals, to be held on September 1.

Five of the finalists were chosen by audience members, while the other five were chosen by celebrity voters Carol Cheng, Nat Chan, Hacken Lee, and Eric Tsang.

The audiences voted Kendy Cheung, Moon Lau, Virginia Lau, Sisley Choi, and Grace Chan, while the celebrities chose Acca Sum, Karen Leung, Tammy Ou Yang, Peggy Tsui, and Vicky Chan. 

The contestants had to address the controversial rumors surrounding some of them in front of the audience.

Carol Cheng quesitoned contestant Whitney Law about her nickname 'tardy king', and asked her if it was true that she was always late for Miss Hong Kong rehearsals.

Whitney responded, “I have been late before, but that was because of a traffic accident.”

Eric Tsang put Whitney on the spot when he said, “Then why was everyone else on time except you?”

Finalist Moon Lau said that she lives with six other family members, but when Carol Cheng asked her about the size of her house, Moon was embarrassed and said, “I grew up in a comfortably well-off family. Our house is about a 1,000 feet.”

Hacken Lee asked finalist Peggy Tsui about how she trains her dogs. Peggy responded nervously, “If the dog peed all over the streets then I will give him a harsh glare.”

Hacken Lee said, “Please use ‘urinate’ instead. You are a Miss Hong Kong contestant!”

Not all the contestants were harassed by the celebrity judges. Tammy Ou Yang and Sisley Choi were praised by the judges for giving long and thorough responses, while Acca Sum was praised for her confidence, and Peggy Tsui earned approval for her vocal performance.

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