Miss A's Fei can't act cute in front of guys

2 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Miss A‘˜s Fei says there’s one thing she can’t do on TV.Fei commented on her experience with Dancing with the Stars Korea, “I can swing dance well, but acting cute is awkward for me. I show a lot of aegyo (act cute) to my unnis. Because I have a lively personality, if I get close with someone I naturally show them more aegyo. But I can’t show aegyo to my oppas or guys," reports all Kpop."That’s why I can’t do cute things. I can’t seem to wink when I look at the camera. Just thinking about it makes me crazy.‘She also revealed that all of her female labelmates are like her, sharing, “Not only me, but I think my miss A members also have a long way to go from being a ‘˜cutie’ who does cute things well. Not only miss A, but also the Wonder Girls, and among all the girl groups of JYP Entertainment, there are no cuties.‘

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