miss A’s Suzy beats Girls’ Generation as top brand ambassador

10 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

“Nation’s First Love‘ Suzy came out on top as the CF Queen of the year 2012 with 15 endorsement deals. Although the starlet had to reckon with Girls’ Generation and their “Group Brand Power,‘ Suzy was able to hold out on her own with an impressive line of contracts. Soompi reported that Suzy’s brand image strength can be traced to her “Anti fan-less Bright Image.‘ She first earned the nickname of “Nation’s First Love‘ from her role in “Architecture 101.‘ And through her various accomplishments, she has entered the hearts of many viewers.  For individual rankings, Girls’ Generation’s YoonA and Jessica tied for second place with 13 brands, in third was Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany with 12 brands and tied for fourth was Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung and Seohyun with 11 brands. However, when it came to girl group rankings, Girls’ Generation came out on top with a whopping total of 21 brands they modeled for. Industry insiders say that the brand power the group can be attributed to Girls’ Generation’s “individual but whole‘ quality that sets them apart. In second place was miss A, whose CF endorsements can be mainly attributed to Suzy with 16 brands. In third place was SISTAR with 14 brands, boasting a “healthy and sexy‘ image whereas the groups in the top two spots boast “Innocent and sweet‘ images. SISTAR is frequently referred to as the “Nation’s Sexy Female Idol Group.‘ In fourth place came KARA with ten brands and in fifth place came 2NE1 with nine brands. The chart also shows the amount of profit earned by the following girl groups in the order of their ranking: Girls’ Generation ‘“ 156,000,000 Won, miss A ‘“ 80,000,000 Won, SISTAR ‘“ 70,000,000 Won, KARA ‘“ 40,000,00 Won and 2NE1 ‘“ 54,000,000 Won. View the gallery below the CF Queen charts, for images of Suzy and miss A.

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