Millionaire playboy throws naked model off mansion's roof into pool, breaking her foot

11 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

American poker champion Dan Bilzerian has over 100 million in assets and as a former American Navy SEAL member and lover of risks, he likes high-stakes gambling and living lavishly.

Dan Bilzerian is often able to make money equivalent to a year’s salary or even many years’ salary of an ordinary person on a poker competition or car race, reports chinaSMACK.

Dan Bilzerian likes to flamboyantly show off his wealth on his personal social media accounts, with a video of him recently standing on the roof of a mansion throwing a female model into a swimming pool being made public, leaving people dumbfounded.

However, a dissipated and unrestrained lifestyle is also accompanied by very large risks, as Dan has previously suffered several heart attacks and pulmonary infarctions.

This female model that was thrown into a pool says: “Afterwards my foot was broken and was unable to work.”

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