Mike Tyson wants to meet Donnie Yen

23 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

Mike Tyson recently sent greetings to his Chinese fans on his newly created Weibo account.

The retired American professional boxer asked his fans, “Who is the best fighter in China?" reports AsianPopNews, Ming Pao, and The Sun.

Over 5,000 netizens replied to his post. One of them wrote, “There is no doubt, the best fighter in China is Donnie Yen.”

Mike replied, “Donnie Yen? I’ve heard about this guy, YE WEN! Always wanna meet him in person some day and have a real talk on fight!

Feeling elated that Mike had mentioned his name, Donnie responded, “Mike, saw all your fights! Awesome!”

Donnie said, “He is so famous. I saw him in The Hangover and he is amazing!

"My new movie, Special ID is coming up in October.

"If results are good, I will consider a sequel, and may invite him over for a duel in the movie!”

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