Jamie Yeo is a talented celeb, mighty mum and sharp businesswoman

9 October 2014 / 2 years 2 weeks ago

Radio deejay and actress Jamie Yeo gave birth prematurely to daughter Alysia in November 2010.

She says her experience as a new mum - she couldn't bear to leave her daughter's side in the first two years - inspired her to set up the online shop Mums with her friend Tristan Lo, a father of two, in October 2013.

Based on a flash-sale concept, Mums stocks children's apparel, homeware, toys and accessories for mothers - including products from hard-to-find brands - at competitive prices. It also aims to provide a platform for mums to sell their own products

Jamie says they have more ambitious plans in the works, such as a network for her fellow entrepreneurial mums, reports AsiaOne.

She is one of the six female celebrities on Simply Her's list of Mighty Mum-preneurs.

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