Michelle Yeoh gutted over failed baby attempts

12 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: The Daily ChilliShe's got it all -- fame, fortune, love -- but there's one thing still missing from Michelle Yeoh's life -- a baby.For the last six years, Malaysia's biggest movie star has tried almost everything to get pregnant, but she's been let down every time. In a stunning revelation, Michelle said she's been through numerous artificial insemination processes, but none of them took. And now at 49, her options of conceiving a biological child have run out."Everyone will be unhappy if there's this one thing that you really wanted to do and you couldn't," she told reporters at a skincare brand event in Taiwan on Monday."What's important is that you know this is your fate. If you have, you have. If you don't, there's nothing you can do about it and you have to accept it," she said, adding that she's now considering adoption to fulfil her mothering nature."I love kids very much. Luckily there are many children in my family," she said.Meanwhile, despite wanting to start and raise a family, Michelle told reporters that she has no intention yet of marrying her lover and fiancé Jean Todt.She's been dating the 66-year-old Frenchman and president of the Federation International de l'Automobile for eight years, and according to Michelle he's proposed to her every day. But the busy Hollywood and Hong Kong actress said now was not the time for a wedding because of their work schedules.Michelle still strikes a gorgeous pose for someone pushing 50. Her beauty secrets, says the action movie veteran, are top quality skincare products and plenty of exercise."I workout daily without fail," she revealed. "On top of that, I do exercises like lifting my legs while brushing my teeth and performing sit-ups while watching TV." She's even managed to convince her man, who doesn't fancy any exercise, to walk the stairs to and from their fifth floor apartment.To reward herself for diligently working out, Michelle allows herself to "eat everything but not in excess". "I take a glass of red wine daily and a little bit of chocolate," she confessed.Meanwhile, Michelle's mum Datin Janet Yeoh told Nanyang Siang Pau that she was clueless about the daughter's attempts at artificial insemination."She has never spoken about this to us," said the bewildered mum. "She often called home and asked about our well-being. She didn't want us to worry."Datin Yeoh added that when Michelle returns to Malaysia for Christmas, she would cook lots of nutritional meals for her hardworking daughter. She also encouraged Michelle to try the fertility treatments one more time."But before that, she has to look after her body, stay healthy and rest more," said the concerned mum.

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