Michelle Ye spent thousands of dollars -- to preserve her eggs

8 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Some women may be concerned that their biological clocks start ticking in their mid-30s, but the same cannot be said for Michelle Ye (葉璇).

The 33-year-old has her future all planned out, reports Popular Asians.

“I will not give birth,” said Michelle. “A few years ago I went to the United States and spent hundreds of thousands of RMB to cryopreserve my eggs.

"That way, I can still have children when I turn 80 years old.

"I know that, biologically, the best time for a woman to have kids is between 30 and 40 years old; after those years it would be difficult.

"Sometimes, even younger women can’t just have kids at will. We have a lot of stress in our life nowadays, and the best guarantee is to cryopreserve your eggs, fertilize them, then transfer them to a surrogate mother.

"With this plan, I am not afraid. [I] can have a lot of children. I can have as much children as I want.”

Michelle, a former Miss Chinese International winner who debuted as a TVB actress in 2000, transferred her career focus to mainland China nearly ten years ago.

Mainland China opened a new world of possibilities for her, and in just a few years’ time, Michelle opened her own production studio to produce her own dramas, some which have attained notable popularity throughout the country.

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