Michelle Chong's 'dirty' little secret

17 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

The secret is out. Local actress-director Michelle Chong does not like to shower.

The 36-year-old sheepishly admitted to her aversion to bathing at the press conference for her second film, 3 Peas In A Pod.

The film stars Alexander Lee Eusebio, Calvin Chen and newcomer Jae Liew.

Host Pornsak accidentally let the cat out of the bag when introducing the cast of the movie and asking what their weird habits are.

Said Pornsak: "Of course, the whole of Singapore knows Michelle Chong doesn't like to shower."

Chong was left red-faced, exclaiming: "Not everyone knows!"

She added: "I showered today because it's my big day. I washed my hair too, I seldom wash my hair."

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