Michelle Chong voices displeasure after 20-min delay during filming

15 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Crazy weather swings, getting over the fear of heights to shoot on a cliff's edge and a tight schedule -- these are just a few things the cast of Michelle Chong's new movie 3 Peas In A Pod had to endure.

According to a report on The Straits Times, they had less than a month to shoot in multiple locations around Victoria.

A typical day saw them rise before the sun at 6am, grab a quick breakfast of fruit salad and cup noodles, and film till about 7pm. With dialogue to memorise and hours on the road, everyone had only about four to five hours' sleep every night.

The packed schedule also saw the actors having some run-ins with director Chong.

Once, when a communication breakdown led to a 20-minute delay during the shooting of a critical scene, Chong, a self-described perfectionist directing her second film, had no qualms making her displeasure known.

"Hurry up, hurry up!" she shouted at the cast and crew. "How come the reporters can get here before any of you?"

It turned out they were doing their hair and make-up a few hundred metres away from the shooting area. But the 36-year-old actress-turned- director visibly softened later and went up to each actor to offer pointers between takes.

Alexander Lee Eusebio, one of the lead actors, said: "Michelle's a perfectionist, but not in a way that's mean or cruel. She'd say, 'Do you want to try one more time?' and she would advise us. She provides an actor's perspective."

"I'm the mama-san and these are my young punks," said Chong wryly.

The film also stars newbie Singapore actress Jae Liew and former Fahrenheit band member Calvin Chen.

Read the full report in The Straits Times.

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