Michelle Chong 'looks crazy as usual'

25 October 2013 / 2 years 12 months ago

Local actress, host and film-maker Michelle Chong is famous for her wit and humour, on both the screen and in real life.

Known for her roles in The Noose and Black Rose, she recently directed upcoming movie 3 Peas In A Pod. This is the second film she has directed, after Almost Famous in 2011.

Michelle Chong displays her good humour and talent even on her facebook page, constantly amusing fans with her light-hearted posts and jokes.

In a post dated Oct 21, she uploaded a photo of herself on television, accompanied with the caption:

"OMG I'm on TV! Looking crazy as usual. #MTM美丽在握"

3 Peas In A Pod will be released in Singapore theatres on Nov 14.

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