Michelle Chen nearly driven to suicide by online bullying over new film

28 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Attacked for being "too plain" to play Little Dragon Girl, Michelle Chen has received a lot of flak for starring in Yu Zheng’s version of The Condor Heroes.

Though hailed as Taiwan’s goddess after shooting to fame with the 2011 film You Are the Apple of My Eye, her casting had caused a controversial social media uproar in China, reports Jaynestars.

Michelle was quickly dubbed by netizens as “the fattest Little Dragon Girl in history.”

Yu Zheng’s new take on the wuxia classic was also slammed by netizens, and its idol casting in other key roles received unfavourable remarks.

Aware of netizens’ criticism in her casting, Michelle admitted that she felt extremely pressurised. Stressed by the long filming hours and the need to control her weight, Michelle said her physical and emotional well-being deteriorated.

“I once stood by the window and thought about jumping out,” Michelle said.

Fortunately, Michelle quickly pulled herself together and left nothing else in her mind but positive thoughts.

“It helped me forget the negativity,” Michelle revealed at a May 25 awareness event to promote positivity and happiness.

The campaign urged others to smile more often to throw out negative emotions. At the event, Michelle revealed she lost seven pounds over the last few months.

“To maintain my current figure, I try my best to eat food without any flavouring. [It's best to] keep things simple.”

Source: Jaynestars

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