Michelle Chen blasted for being too fat for Little Dragon Girl role

31 August 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago
Chinese producer, Yu Cheng has confirmed that Michelle Chen will play the female lead, Little Dragon Girl in his upcoming drama, Return of the Condor Heroes.
According to an article in Asian Pop News, the producer reportedly felt that the role was most suitable for either Angelababy or Michelle Chen, after his selection of over 66 actresses.
Although Angelababy was rumoured to star in that role, Michelle eventually beat her to it, due to her conflicting schedule.
However, many loyal fans of Jin Wong's wuxia novel quickly slammed the choice of the Little Dragon Girl, saying that Michelle is "too fat"and "not sophisticated enough".
A netizen wrote, "The scene where Little Dragon Girl sleeping on a rope has mesmerised many viewers. Are you sure she can hold the role of Little Dragon Girl?"
Another netizen wrote, "We do not detest you referring to Michelle) but please don not ruin The Little Dragon Girl's image in evrybody's hearts. Don't accept the role, it will ruin you."
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