Michele Reis is 42 but looks 30

11 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: Her WorldA firm believer of starting young, Hong Kong actress Michele Reis has used skincare on her son since he was born.The yummy mummy told a Her World reporter in Tokyo recently at the launch of the new Shiseido Revital Vital-Perfection Science Cream AAA that she moisturises her son's skin a few times a day. She shares: "If I ever had a daughter, I would teach her to start caring for her complexion from a very early age. I believe in starting young. This will help you keep your youthfulness longer."Michele should know. The 42-year-old beauty, also a Shiseido spokesperson, started using anti-ageing products in her late 20s. Yuki Kawai, from Shiseido's international marketing department skincare product planning group, agrees. She says that your 20s is the ideal time to start preventive care if you want to avoid problems like fine lines and sagging in the future.But as she gets older, Michele admits that it's tougher to keep her face looking flawless. "With ageing and my demanding schedule, I do need more advanced products to take care of my complexion. When you reach a certain age, your skin is not as bouncy as before," she says.These days, her secret to maintaining her radiant and spotless complexion is the new Shiseido Revital Vital-Perfection Science Cream AAA. "It helps combat tiredness and it gives (my skin) suppleness, and my complexion looks plump and moisturised. It also has a tightening and lifting effect," she says.Images 1 to 21 show Michelle Reis, and the rest show other celebs who have aged gracefully.

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