Michael Miu not bothered by future daughter-in-law's race after son rumoured to have GF

1 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Michael Miu and Jamie Chik’s twenty-year-old son, Murphy (苗俊), has had his love life become the subject of speculation after he was spotted together with a non-Asian girl in photographs.

According to a Jaynestars report which cited an article on 3 Weekly, photographs on both parties' social networking page contain the pair together, which prompted rumours that they may be in a relationship.

Like his elder sister, Phoebe (苗彤), Murphy appears to be popular among his peers and leads a fulfilling social life. Sharp-eyed reporters noticed that his rumored girlfriend appeared by his side frequently at friend gatherings, suggesting that at the very least, the two are active within the same social circles.

Regardless of whether Murphy is dating or if the young woman is simply a good friend, Michael respects his son’s choice and only wants him to be happy.

Michael and his wife are known to adopt an open approach to parenting, and have seemingly given their two children free reign during most of their childhood, though their approach have earned the ire of some who feel they put their children at risk of picking up dangerous habits.

When asked if he is concerned that Murphy may choose to be in an interracial relationship, Michael replied, “What era are we living in? I’m okay as long as he likes [her]. The most important thing is for him to be happy. He is probably just getting to know new friends, please don’t make such a big deal out of it.”

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