Michael Miu defends daughter's wild night-life behaviour

28 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

Michael Miu’s 23-year-old daughter Phoebe, who just graduated from University of British Columbia in Canada, has been recently sharing many of her own private photos with her friends through Instagram and Facebook.

According to Jayne Stars, Tabloid magazines reported about Phoebe’s intimate behavior with her male friends, and both Phoebe and her younger brother Murphy became targets of the Hong Kong paparazzi.

Michael Miu expressed in a recent interview, “I said sorry to my daughter. Because I am an artiste, I have dragged her into this media mess.”

Michael defended his daughter’s “wild” behavior, saying, “My wife [Jaime Chik 戚美珍] and I were even crazier back in the day. It’s just there was no Internet then.”

Michael said it is impossible to prevent his daughter from enjoying her nightlife, but he has warned her to be careful about what she chooses to share online.”

Asked if he would support Phoebe if she wishes to work in the entertainment industry, Michael said, “If she wants to, us as parents can’t stop her.

"However, I think my daughter still really likes school! She graduated last year, but she plans on taking more classes. I do hope that she continues her education.”

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