Michael Douglas' son attacked in prison

17 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: The Daily MailThe drug-addict son of Oscar-winning actor Michael Douglas has suffered severe injuries, including a broken leg and fingers, after being attacked in prison.Cameron Douglas, 34, who is doing time for years of drug use and dealing, was apparently attacked after an unnamed New York crime boss put a $100 bounty on his head for being a ‘˜rat.’During a 2010 bail hearing, Cameron’s psychiatrist inadvertently revealed that his client had snitched to the police about his drug suppliers, David and Eduardo Escalera, during his original sentencing hearing.Cameron's testimony against the dealers helped get him a five-year, rather than 10-year, sentence. But last year he was sentenced to an additional four and a half years for smuggling in heroin and a prescription narcotic while at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Pennsylvania.‘˜He broke his femur, which is hard to snap, and had to have a rod inserted,’ a source told The New York Post. Speaking publicly about his son, Michael Douglas said in 2010 that he thought prison might be a ‘˜blessing in disguise’ for his wayward son. He assumed blame for ‘˜being a bad father’ but said that without prison intervention, Cameron ‘˜was going to be dead or somebody was gonna kill him. I think he has a chance to start a new life, and he knows that.'During last year’s sentencing for smuggling drugs into prison, Cameron Douglas told the court that he was ‘˜ashamed’ of what he had done.Judge Richard Berman branded him 'reckless, disruptive and non-compliant.'He banned Cameron from receiving family visits for two years and said he must immediately undergo drug treatment in prison.The judge's sentence was twice as long as had been requested by prosecutors and Berman told Douglas he had 'blown the biggest opportunity of his life.'Douglas had also written to the judge to tell him that he was 'saturated in my own shame and penitence.'In the letter Cameron asked the judge for 'the opportunity to build myself and gain the tools I need to shape my future.''I feel so strongly, for the first time in my life, that I am truly ripe for positive reform and real achievement.'In prison Cameron been working as a weekend orderly in a housing unit earning $1.65 per month. He is not eligible to be released until 2018.

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