Mess up SNSD's home and you'll get a pillow to the face

15 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: AllkpopGirls’ Generation members expressed their cute frustration after a guest shared a story on KBS‘˜ 'Hello'.On the Jan 14 episode of ‘˜Hello’, a 22 year old man appeared on the show and shared a story where he complained that his friends would come to his house and use it as if it were their own.According to him, they would just take things from the refrigerator, bring their girlfriends to his house, cook, make a mess and not even clean it up. His friends even gave the door security code to a delivery man, shocking everyone at their rudeness.Although the atmosphere was light the girls seemed to be frustrated over the friends' lack of manners. Tiffany showed her frustration, continuously interrogating the friends to try and figure out why they would do this. When she got the answer, “If I go to my house, I have to clean it up“, she blurted, “What’s wrong with you?"The other Girls’ Generation members jokingly threatened to throw their pillows and all agreed with the guest that it was a bad problem.

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