A-Mei's former apartment sells for record NT$345.2 million

3 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

An upscale Xinyi District apartment unit that formerly belonged to local singer Chang Hui-mei was sold for a total of NT$345.2 million, the highest since the government launched its real-value home registration website, the United Evening News reported yesterday.The unit has changed hands three times. Chang, more famously known as A-Mei, sold it in July 2010 for NT$240 million to the chairman of a technology firm, who then sold it to someone else, reports China Post.This time, the buyer is Chuang Wen-yang, a well-known China-based Taiwan businessman who runs the cosmetics brand “T-Joy‘ on the other side of the strait.Over the past two years and a half, the property's value rose by about NT$100 million, or NT$600,000 a ping, a margin of 43.8 percent. Each ping is 3.3 square meters.Since the real-value registration system was implemented, the real transaction prices of various prime properties have been revealed. Recently two apartment units were sold for NT$340 million each, one in Shengyang Kuopao in Xinyi and the other in Fubon Jiuchuang in Dazhi, Chungshan District.The apartment in question was sold in November last year and was registered in January this year. The price was revealed after the Lunar New Year break.According to the information on the website, the unit in question has total area of 171.9 pings, plus three parking spaces that totaled 56.8 ping and sold for NT$5 million apiece.Without factoring in the parking spaces, the apartment unit was sold for NT$1.9198 million a ping.

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