A-Mei brings boyfriend along for company retreat

9 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

To reward her staff's hard work in the past year, Taiwanese songstress A-Mei sponsored her company retreat to Phuket where they reportedly booked three garden villas with private pools.The five-day vacation reportedly cost more than a million Taiwan dollars (approximately S$42,000) in total, with the entourage consisting of 24 employees and friends, including the singer's bartender boyfriend, Sam.During the holiday, A-Mei apparently 'ordered' all mobile phones to be put away while they were having meals. As "punishment," the people who broke the rule had to foot the bill.'This trip is to relax our minds. Let's not think about work,' said the Mandopop diva, who indulged in the rare opportunity to sleep at regular hours.Taiwan E-News Gossip said that sources revealed that on the night before the group returned to Taiwan, they organized a 'talent competition' where A-Mei and Sam teamed up and performed a Gangnam Style couple dance. Though the lovebirds were jeered by their friends, they enjoyed the romance of being able to interact without inhibitions.

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