'Meeting new friends is a good thing': Chrissie Chau urges single men to ask her out

1 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Chrissie Chau has sent out an invitation to single men out there to ask her out.

Speaking at the lighting ceremony of Christmas decorations at a shopping centre, Chau was brought to the topic when she was asked about Alex Fong setting her up with his brother.

She said: "Meeting another friend is a good thing, I don't mind. He is a lawyer? I like all kinds of friends. Siu Fong has shown me his photo. Meeting is no big deal, it doesn't have to be matchmaking."

Chau also spoked about her Christmas plans of organising a party for her friends if she did not have to work through the holiday.

When asked about how she coped with the physical demands of filming thea ction show, Kick Ass Girls, Chau said: "The daily shooting of action scenes exhausted a lot of my energy. As soon as I stopped, I ate like mad to replenish my energy."

She lets in on the fact that her co-stars, DaDa Lo and Hidy Yu, were envious as to how she could eat so much without getting fat. 

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