Soo Yeon Lee dubbed 'sexiest table tennis champion in the world'

30 November 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

Soo Yeon Lee is a world class ping pong champion, fashion model and actress.

Her elegant style and extraordinary talent have branded Soo Yeon Lee as the new face of contemporary ping pong in the World Stage.

According to her Facebook, born in Pusan, South Korea, Soo Yeon Lee began her extensive training in the sport of table tennis at the age of nine under the supervision of Olympic Gold Medalist Jung Hwa Hyun.

Recognition for Soo Yeon’s unusual skills came early after she won six successive titles as the Korean National Junior Champion as well as other international junior tournaments by the age of eleven.

Soo Yeon later earned a prized position on the world-renowned Korean National Team where she won 2nd Place in the World University Championship in China.

Some of her additional championship achievements include being crowned the 2004 New Zealand Women’s Singles Champion and the Senior Sportsperson of the year.

In 2007, she went to the United States and after winning a number of U.S. national tournaments, she won the prestigious Under 2400 category at the U.S. Open Championship, among many others.

Her beauty and skills, coupled with a Playboy shoot, have certainly set netizens talking, hailing her as the 'sexiest table tennis player in the world'.

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