Meet the luckiest -- but worst -- Wheel of Fortune contestant ever

13 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

Julian from Indiana was extremely lucky in this episode of 'Wheel of Fortune', scoring a chance at US$1 million and a brand new car for himself -- but he must be kicking himself for all the wrong answers he made.

All three segments show him being bested by the contestant next to him. 

In the first part, Julian spins for a chance at US$1 million. Happily picking up the board and yelling out the letter 'L', the puzzle fills up with no blank spaces. 

However, Julian reads out "Mythological hero Achilles" -- with incorrect pronunciation. 

The host tells him he has no choice but he could not accept his answer. 

Stifling a little laugh, the contestant next to him 'solves' -- or rather, reads out -- the puzzle and takes back $1,000. 

This happens a few more times for seemingly easy-to-solve puzzles. which must have been sad and frustrating for Julian.

In total, Julian lost a chance at winning approximately US$24k in cash, a trip to London, a trip to Jamaica, a car, and a chance at US$1 million with his incorrect answers.

You seldom see a contestant so lucky at spinning the wheel -- but you also don't see one so bad at solving puzzles.

I guess you can say pronunciation is truly his Achilles heel.

Source: Youtube 'mrbigfatbrowndonkey'

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