Meet Lin Peifen -- the shy girl who became a talkative DJ

14 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

By Yip Wai Yee,
Monday, May 12 2014,
The Straits Times

While waiting for the photographer to set up equipment for her photo shoot, radio DJ and TV host Lin Peifen suddenly starts whispering to this reporter. 

"Did you notice how cute all the service staff are here?" the 31-year-old says with a cheeky grin, referring to the wait staff working in the lobby lounge at the InterContinental Singapore, where this interview is being held.

She giggles girlishly and says: "They look Middle Eastern or Mediterranean or something, all so handsome. But don't tell my fiance I said this."

Lin  is tying the knot with boyfriend Lie Wei Xiang, a 32-year-old computer engineer, at the same hotel this week.

She joked about how she picked Greece as their honeymoon destination because "the men are all so beautiful there but my fiance thinks we're just enjoying the scenery". 

She had met this reporter only for the past one hour but already, she talks to you as if you were a close friend.

It is a sign of how personable she is - a characteristic that has contributed to her popularity in a radio and, more recently, TV career of 14 years.

And this is about someone who says she was "a rather shy kid" growing up. Lin, who attended CHIJ Our Lady Of Good Counsel and CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School, adds: "I was never good at chatting with anybody.

I was always terrified of doing presentations in front of the class. "I liked to talk, but only if I was with my close friends. Whenever I'm with them, as soon as I start talking, I can't stop."

Which is why she felt that a career in radio would be "perfect".

She says: "In radio, I can talk and have conversations with other people, but it's in the privacy of the recording studio. I can still be myself, without any pressures of stage fright."

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