Meet the latest additions to TVB's 'v-chin' family

7 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Plastic surgery or not? A growing list of TVB celebrities have been going under the knife to achieve sharper chins for leaner profiles.According to celebrity news website Jayne Stars, the Hong Kong paparazzi recently uncovered some new selfcam photos of 17-year-old Cammi Tse, in which she was spotted with a smaller and sharper chin. The tabloids reported that the angle of Cammi’s chin was even lesser than 90 degrees.With higher cheekbones, a thinner face, and large, round eyes, Cammi’s appearance resembled that of a manga girl -- barely recognizable from her former self.Cammi is not the only star who is faced with plastic surgery allegations. Lan Kwai Fong 2  stars Mia (陳靜儀) and Shiga Lin (連詩雅), and Now 101’s new television host Icy Wong (黃婉曼) are also rumored to have gone under the knife.  Like Cammi, they also appeared to have sharper V-line jaws.Icy Wong first found critical success and fame through hosting TVB News’ Weather Report in 2009. Icy was never considered a beauty, but TVB News audiences were very impressed with Icy’s sweet looks, animating hosting style, and voluptuous body.According to Ming Pao, it is speculated that Icy had been making small cosmetic alterations on her appearance ever since winning the hosting gig for the Weather Report. By late 2012, Icy’s face had changed so much, many found her unrecognizable.Icy denied the plastic surgery allegations, insisting that her new V-line jaw is through a pepper mask that she had been consistently using since college.Check out the gallery for pictures of celebs recently alleged to have undergone plastic surgery

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