Meet KL's version of Angelababy -- who is nearly as famous too

17 February 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago

Another young beauty, also from Malaysia, is making waves online for her gorgeous smile, classy demeanour and oustanding good looks.

Yumi Wong from Kuala Lumpur has been hailed as Malaysia's version of Angelababy and with good reason. In fact, both her and the Mandopop celebrity are 26 years old this year.

With 240,000 fans on her Facebook page, it is not that far off from Angelababy's 367,000 likes.

An article on Viral Cham even posted Yumi's vital stats online. It also stated that she is 165cm tall and weighs 46kg.

Photos 1 to 45 show Yumi while the rest show Angelababy. Who do you prefer?

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