Meet Juice, J-pop's newest girlband

26 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Music producer Tsunku♂ announced yesterday (Feb 25) that there would be a new unit called “Juice=Juice‘ that will be formed with six Hello! Pro Kenshuusei members.Tokyohive reported that the unit’s name stands for “just-harvested‘, “freshly-picked‘, “fresh‘, “natural‘, “100%‘, and “just-squeezed‘. Tsunku♂ named it with his hope that, “I want this unit to stay fresh, and be comprised with full of each of their unique individualities.‘In the beginning of February, Tsunku♂ revealed his plan on forming some units from Hello! Pro Kenshuusei, and now he revealed the details. According to him, the new unit will start their activities as indies for the time being, and will try to improve their skills.He also said, “During their activities as indies, I’ll be checking for any member who isn’t able to keep up, and also for other Kenshuusei who show a rapid growth, so there is a high possibility for changing, addition, or reduction of the members.‘Below are the introduction of the members by Tsunku♂:‘¢ Takagi Sayuki (15) ‘“ With her rock-style singing and powerful dancing, she is like ‘˜The Hello! Pro Kenshuusei.’ She is skillful.‘¢ Miyamoto Karin (14) ‘“ She is a talented person, as she’s been participated in several units in Hello! Project. She also has a conspicuous character.‘¢ Otsuka Aina (14) ‘“ She was one of the finalists for Morning Musume’s 9th generation member audition. She has a good quality voice.‘¢ Uemura Akari (14) ‘“ She stayed up to the third round for Morning Musume’s 9th generation member audition, but her dancing and singing are still clumsy which makes you laugh. She has a strong character and I have a high expectation in her.‘¢ Kanazawa Tomoko (17) ‘“ She was one of the members that sang Berryz Kobo×℃-ute’s “Cho HAPPY SONG (single ver.)‘ during the “DAM★Tomo Karaoke Contest.‘ Her singing, smiles, and personality caught my attention, and she joined in Hello! Pro Kenshuusei. Though she just joined, and still a rookie, I chose her.‘¢ Miyazaki Yuka (18) ‘“ She is not a part of Hello! Pro Kenshuusei, but she was the finalist for Morning Musume 10th generation member audition as well as S/mileage new member audition. She is a part of GREEN FIELDS, a unit from SATOYAMA Movement, and I picked her after seeing her performance in the unit.

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