Meet China's 'better-looking' answer to Japan's AKB48

5 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

SHN48, China’s answer to AKB48, have lately been making waves amongst the Japanese ‘“ although so far more thanks to the undeniable impact of their photographs than the media saturation and obsessive followers which have helped make AKB48 such a “national‘ institution.

Charitably dismissing AKB48 as merely “orthodox‘ and Korea’s 2NE1 as “a plastic surgery group,‘ Chinese state media instead pushes the purely Chinese charms of Shanghai’s own (officially licensed sister group) SHN48 ‘“ which it patriotically praises as “both natural and moe‘.

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View photos of SHN48 (pics 1-5) and the original AKB48 girls in the gallery.

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