Mayday's A-shin is this Taiwanese singer's ideal guy

5 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago
For someone up for two prestigious awards in tomorrow's Golden Melody Awards, Taiwanese singer Jia Jia came across as rather humble during an interview with My Paper last month.

Up for Best Female Singer and Best Newcomer for her debut solo album Unforgettable, the 30-year-old girlish singleton said: "I'm happy to be nominated, but I haven't thought about winning.

I just want to doll myself up for the ceremony.

"The down-to-earth singer is already a winner, having bagged Best Performing Group at the 2007 Golden Melody Awards as part of the duo Hao En Jia Jia, formed with her uncle, Hao En.

After you won the award in 2007, you disappeared from the music scene and released an album only last year.
What did you do in between?

I did all sorts of jobs, answering calls in an office, singing in pubs and doing back-up singing at concerts.

I find it fulfilling as long as I can sing, it doesn't matter whether the stage is big or small.

I didn't mind if I wasn't cutting albums.

Was it true that it took a call from Mayday frontman A-shin last year to finally convince you to join your current label, B'in Music?

Mayday is a legendary rock band in Taiwan and to receive a personal invitation from them, they must be sincere.

I recall A-shin telling me (over the phone): "Let's make music together.", You've gone from being a back-up singer to the star on stage.

Do you prefer playing the lead or supporting role?

Previously, I liked playing the supporting role.

You can hide in the background and do what you like without anyone noticing.

I'm in the adjustment phase.

Now, I like being in the lead and I'm learning how to enjoy the audience's applause.

There's no doubt that you can sing, but are there times when you feel insecure about your looks?I'm someone who's lacking in confidence.

My elder sister (Taiwanese aboriginal singer Chi Hsiao-chun) is really beautiful.

People would compare us.

When I was young, I felt it was unfair.

My sister would encourage me by telling me how I'm special in my own way, and that I'm adorable.

How do you feel about being called Taiwan's Adele, the British singer with a huge voice?

If that's the case, there would be an Adele in every country...I hope in future there will be an American version of Jia Jia.

You mentioned that you would love to sing with Hong Kong singer Khalil Fong.
Is he your ideal guy too?

No. (laughs) My ideal type is A-shin.

Because he's tall, muscular and musically talented.
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