May Chan hopes to find a boyfriend after weight loss

5 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago
May Chan was thrusted into the limelight after playing Wong Cho Lam’s childhood friend, “Little Tiny‘, in the currently broadcast TVB drama, Inbound Troubles.

Weighing 230 pounds, the 27-year old May remains a virgin.

In fact, she has never had a boyfriend.

People around her constantly exclaim that she would be beautiful ‘“ if only she loses weight.

“I’ve never dated anyone before.

I did have secret crushes, but I didn’t have the courage to say anything.

What is the point when I know we won’t be together? In the past, I would really want to have a boyfriend when I see others dating.

But why would a normal guy choose a fat girl as his girlfriend? Nevertheless, each time I see delicious food, all those thoughts would vanish.

So that’s why this time I’m telling myself that I must reduce my weight to 150 pounds.

I want to have a date!‘ With her strong desire to find a boyfriend, May vowed to lose 80 pounds within 2 months by exercising and dieting, reports Jaynestars.

Keeping true to her words, May was spotted at the West Kowloon Waterfront on Sunday, vigorously exercising for three hours.

Running alongside the Kowloon Waterfront for 30 minutes with constant breaks, she later collapsed onto a nearby bench to catch her breath.

Running is no easy task for May.

In fact, she revealed that even walking would make her pant sometimes, never mind going for a run.

“I’ve never had so much exercise my entire life,‘ May told the media.

After May’s 30-minute run, she worked hard to complete a small repitition of exercises.

She managed to do a few sit-ups with the help of her assistant, who had to pull her up.

May later tried to lift herself up on the monkey bars, but failed.

With the encouragement of the reporters, she finally managed to get her feet off the ground after the fifth try.

In the past, May consumed 6 meals a day, absorbing about 4 times more calories than required.

Now, she has cut down to 4 meals.

For breakfast, she would eat a small bowl of barley congee and an apple.

Lunch would be steak pasta with no sauce, and some soup.

A fruit platter served as her afternoon snack.

Dinner consisted of barley congee, fish, some veggies, and kiwi fruit.

May was persistent in reaching her goal.

“No, I cannot have people looking down on me.

I must lose weight,‘ May insisted.
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