Matthew Ko caught kissing Japanese actress Haruka at nightclub

18 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago
29 year old former Mr. HK Matthew Ko had been in the industry for 8 years. He was first rumored with Tracy Ip, then Kate Tsui and then a friend introduced him to 28 year old Japanese actress Haruka a year ago, but the two had difficulty maintaining a long distance relationship and broke up after a month.
After Matthew broke up with Haruka, he loved to party at nightclubs and hooked up with a fan girl Grace Chan, whom works as an insurance agent. The relationship lasted for 2 months.
Last night, reporters spotted Matthew at a nightclub in Central with good friend Vin Choi. They were there with many male and female friends, but Matthew and a Japanese speaking girl with a short skirt on were stuck together the whole time. It turns out the Japanese girl was his ex-girlfriend Haruka.
Matthew had a few drinks before getting more and more open. Since he and Haruka hadn't seen each other for a while, Matthew started making out with Haruka in front of his good friend Vin, whom eventually thought they were too mushy and walked away. Matthew didn't care about his friend and continued making out with Haruka, he kissed and hugged her.
After the make out, Matthew and Haruka left the nightclub at 4am hand-in-hand. During their walk, Haruka slipped and Matthew slowed down for her and then took her back to a Lan Kwai Fong hotel.
Oriental Daily contacted Matthew to ask if he and Haruka are back together? He said: "We aren't dating. We're just intimate friends. She came to HK lately, and I'm just taking her out to play.
(Friends make out?) We were only like that because had a little too much to drink.
(Any chance to develop further?) Actually back then when she left, I reallly felt unwilling to part with her, but I haven't thought of developing further. She is a Japanese actress, if she really could stay, that would be the best. I will need time to consider, unfortunately she is leaving tomorrow." 
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