Matilda Tao accused of throwing scissors at colleague

5 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

During a variety programme, talk show guest Yang Hao claimed Matilda Tao was “a bully‘ in the company.“There was once she (Matilda) was in a bad mood. When a colleague reviewed the rundown with her, she angrily asked where the news angle was. She then grabbed a pair of scissors from the table and targeted at the colleague,‘ said Yang Hao.According to a report on Apple Daily, Yang Hao added that the One Million Star host also forced her colleagues to buy her book. As it was Yang Hao’s first paycheck, she did not buy the book from Matilda, and hence was “blacklisted‘ since then.Matilda was in tears when she responded to the accusations through the variety programme, University . A weeping Matilda said, “Am I not being bullied enough?‘Clarifying on the scissors throwing incident, Matilda said, “That day was the day I released my new album. I bought a cake to celebrate. There was no reporter turned up and the colleague asked me to send the invites. I was angry and threw the scissors.‘Matilda further clarified that the bulk purchase by her colleagues was due to the group discounts given by the publisher.“My first book was selling so well. Why would I force others to buy?‘Matilda and her management company are considering pressing charges against Yang Hao.

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