'Massage uncle' ad model chases Typhoon Usagi for 'selfie' video -- in shorts

25 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

Local model-DJ Tenashar has come under fire from netizens for toying with her own safety after she indulged in a bout of typhoon chasing in Hong Kong.

Tenashar, who starred in a commercial about a 'massage uncle' who complained of sexual harassment, exploits made it out onto the World Wide Web when she uploaded a self-shot video of her chasing Typhoon Usagi, reported Lianhe Wanbao.

In the video, she can be seen dressed in shorts and running from one side of a road near a pier to another.

It was then that a wave of water shot up onto her, and left her in shock.

That wasn't enough to deter her as she walked back to the pier to film more footage. However, she was hit again by another bout of wave, and decided to call it a night.

When her fans came across her video, many of them urged her to err on the side of caution.

One said: "If you get blown away by the winds, we won't have a pretty female DJ to appreciate anymore!"

One netizen, known as Aldaias however, chided her for her actions with his post: "Was she trying to cause a traffic addient by standing on the side of the road to get this footage?"

The concern showed for her by fans prompted her to assure them that she is alright and ask that they not worry about her.

Speaking to the Chinese newspaper over a long-distance phone call, she said that the the drop in intensity of Typhoon Usagi gave her the urge to dance to it, and she did so only after coming across a meterological report that said the typhon was shifting direction at the time.

"I didn't risk my life for that. The typhoon was subsiding and switching directions at the time, and there were many people there having a good time as well."

She added that she did go back shortly after she got drenched by the waves.

Recounting the incident, she said: "I didn't think the waves would be that strong. I even swallowed a mouthful of seawater, which made my nose very uncomfortable!"

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