Massage parlour scandal: Sangchu's label claims he went there by mistake

27 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

YMC explained, "Sangchu must be under investigation right now, because we cannot reach him at this moment." They then said, "It's true that it was wrong for him to go into the massage parlor, but there's a misunderstanding. He wanted a Chinese massage at first, but he mistakenly went into the wrong kind of massage parlor. "He felt like it was wrong and then came back out after being refunded. He says that he didn't even ask the manager if he could 'get serviced'. Of course, it's definitely wrong that he left the dorms to go out and we have no excuse for that, but we are sad because the story is portrayed like he visited the massage parlor on purpose."AllKpop reported that the label's excuse has most people scoffing, especially because YMC Entertainment's statement seems to conflict with the statement from the massage parlor's manager.Related:Shocking footage of K-pop stars in army visiting massage parlours revealedSe7en's GF gets nasty comments over massage parlour scandalAngry fans lash out at Se7en for massage parlour visit while on duty

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