Massage parlour embroiled in K-pop scandal tells their side of story

30 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

The 'Happy Ending' massage parlour that Se7en and Sangchu were spotted entering and exiting while on duty has given a statement on what happened that night. The two celebrity soldiers were caught on camera being at the massage parlour, and were said to have stayed out after completing a special event for a Korean holiday celebration instead of returning to their military unit.According to an allkpop report, a crew from KBS2TV's 'Entertainment Relay' arrived at the massage parlour in question and asked the parlour's representative about what happened that evening.The parlour representative revealed: "They came in wearing their hats really low with their faces covered so I had no clue that they were celebrities."There was no room available at the time so they were unable to receive a massage and left. They didn't get serviced."Netizens commented: "Is it okay to laugh it off because they didn't get serviced?", "I wonder how much they were paid to say this lie", "But it doesn't make sense that they came out after 30 minutes if they didn't get serviced. They should've came out immediately if that were the case", and "Why did the massage parlour person even talk to the reporter in the first place?"In the aftermath of this incident, fans of Se7en have taken to the internet to lash out, at their idol as they vent their frustrations over this scandal. The performer's girlfriend was also not spared from harsh words online. Meanwhile, Sangchu's label has attempted to downplay matters by claiming that he went to the massage parlour 'by mistake'.

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