Marvin Humes makes more family plans

31 December 2013 / 2 years 9 months ago

Marvin Humes wants another baby in 2015.

The JLS singer would love for he and wife Rochelle to have several siblings for their seven-month-old daughter Alaia-Mai, but insists they plan to wait a while before having another child.

He said: "I think in two years Rochelle and I will have another. I've always said I want to have a big family. Ideally, I'd like four kids."

The 'Beat Again' hitmaker also urged his bandmates - who are all in long-term relationships - to think about following in his footsteps and getting married.

He said: "Marriage is beautiful. That's why I didn't mess about. We're not getting any younger!"

However, Oritse Williams - who is dating AJ Azari - insisted he doesn't ever want to tie the knot.

He said: "I want kids definitely at some point, but I'm not really into marriage. J.B. sees the value in it, Marvin obviously does, but marriage just isn't an aspiration of mine. It's not something I've ever dreamt about or wanted to do."

Meanwhile, J.B. Gill is keen to start a family with Chloe Tagney, his girlfriend of five years.

He said: "I definitely want children after I get my farm up and running."

And Aston Merrygold - who is dating Sarah Richards - insists he is happy with his life as it is.

Asked if he wants children yet, he said: "No! Not at all. I don't ever think about marriage. I'm fine as I am right now. Life is good. I'm not in a place to think about marriage."

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