Married Japanese actor Oguri Shun's scandal and his tactics

24 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

The well-known actor Oguri Shun is apparently in hot water this week for cheating on his model wife, Yamada Yu, by leaving his GPS-tracked cellphone in a Yakitoriya while he goes off to romance another woman.

Interestingly, Oguri is also a former flame of Yaguchi Mari, who made headlines recently for cheating on her husband.

JapanCrush reported that netizens weren’t very forgiving of Oguri’s supposed actions, with many saying that he clearly treatment for sex addiction, and they are clearly shocked at the news, which was the most read article of the day on Yahoo! Japan.

Oguri Shun (30), appearing at an event for the movie “Captain Herlock”. Along with his co-stars, Miura Haruma (23), and Furuta Arata (47), and arriving on a water-bus called “Hotaruna” designed by the manga artist Leiji Matsumoto, he smiles, and says “That was fun”. He said of the film that “It has broadened by views of a world I had never seen, a world on a magnificent scale”.

Even after marrying the model Yamada Yu in March of last year, Oguri is still in demand with film and television work. Perhaps in order to support her popular husband, Yamada has cut down on her own television appearances, and she devotes herself to modelling in fashion magazines. Oguri too, should be so busy that he doesn’t have time for fun, but it seems as though that isn’t the case. If he has just a little free time, he goes to a place with other women. That place is Gotanda…

“One secret meeting place that Oguri often uses is in Gotanda. Still, the owner of a Yakitori-ya nearby understands Oguri’s situation, that ‘Yamada Yuu keeps an eye on Oguri through the GPS function on his cell phone, so he can’t just go an cheat on her with other women’, and so he helps Oguri out. The actor leaves his mobile phone at the Yakitoriya, and apparently slinks off to the “place” where he has rendezvous with other women. Since his cell phone GPS signal indicates hes at the Yakitoriya, Yamada doesn’t find out about it. He says ‘Oh I’m going for a drink with my friends at that place we always go to”, and it seems that this puts Yamada at ease”. (An inside source)

Oguri Shun is well-known as a “co-star killer”. He is rumoured to have dated strings of famous actresses such as Horikita Maki (24), Ishihara Satomi (26). In the 10 years before his marriage, his affair with a young actress was reported in the weeklies. During their wedding reception, Yamada poked fun at him, saying that “If he cheats, I’ll put the screws on him. So much so that he won’t be working for a while afterward”, but somehow it seems that those screws are not so tight after all.

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