Married after 13 years: Oscar Leung unveils romantic wedding photos

17 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

Source: Asian Pop News

Oscar Leung and his wife, Tiny registered for marriage on last year’s new year’s day.

The couple has been in the relationship for 13 years, and has weathered the ups and downs together in their lives. Yesterday, the couple celebrated their 13 years’ dating anniversary and released their wedding photos.

The concept of their wedding photos were all conceptualised by Oscar. Oscar said, “My wife is not used to facing cameras, but I’m unable to to help her. I can only try to make myself look more handsome!”

The photos were taken at his wife’s favourite destination, Taiwan. Asked why he did not take his wife there on a holiday, Oscar said, “I had no money in the past. We are doing better these 2 years, but we don’t have time to go due to work. We have only been to holidays twice!”

The couple will hold their wedding banquet on 29 May in Hong Kong to host their friends and relatives.

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