The many things F.T. Island look forward to every time they visit S'pore

8 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Top pop rockers FTIsland, share with The New Paper in an e-mail interview about their growing male fan base, ditching their idol image and loving Singapore food.

Referring to Singapore as “one of our favourite destinations”, Jae Jin said that he and his band mates were “looking forward to the good food and nice weather” on their impending trip here, before it was announced that the Korean Music Wave would be cancelled.

FTIsland have visited four times; twice in 2009 for a showcase at now-defunct club Dragonfly and as part of Sundown Festival; in 2010 for Korean Pop Night; and in January last year for their full-length concert at The Max Pavilion.

Said drummer Choi: “When we arrive at a new destination, we find it interesting and enjoyable tasting new food. Learning the local language is also one of the exciting things we take pleasure in.”

Read the full report in Nov 6's issue of The New Paper.

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