Manhunt contestant shaken when he received nude photo in mail

29 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

Kendrick Lim was unveiled as one of the contestants for Manhunt Singapore 2013 on the morning of June 28 -- but received an even greater shock that very day.

According to an article in The New Paper, a letter was delivered to his letter box in an unmarked white envelope that very day.

It contained a photo of a nude man, whose face was partially obscured by a mobile phone, used to take the image in a mirror.

Kendrick was so shaken he didn't turn up for the Manhunt press conference that day.

On Thursday evening, the picture was uploaded to a blog that invites people to submit “anything shameful” in Singapore.

The person who submitted it called herself “Miss M Ng”, and claimed she had received the photo from Mr Lim in the midst of a raunchy chat in which the latter called her “hot”, asked about her “skills” and boasted about his own.

Kendrick has, however, denied that he has ever said any of the things he was alleged to have said, whether to “Miss Ng”, or to anyone else.

The manhunt contestant has also lodged two police reports.

As it turns out, “Miss M Ng” may be a “Michele Ong” who has also contacted some other Manhunt contestants.

The nude picture in question has actually been making the rounds online for at least a month.

The picture also turned up on gay-themed websites, but has since been taken down after complaints to the website owners by Mr Seow.

Now, Mr Seow is concerned that “Michele Ong’ may be someone who is using an alias and is intent on harassing his Manhunt contestants.

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