Mandy Wong went to nightclubs for research on prostitute role in new drama

2 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: TVB News WorldTVB artist Mandy Wong just completed new series A Change of Heart just in time to participate in a New Year's event with other artists and earn extra income.Stepping into her 5th year in the industry, Mandy said she earned 6 figures worth of 'extra income' in 2012. It is her most prosperous year since her debut. In the recent year, Mandy's popularity has been on the rise. A few days ago, she was working on new series A Change of Heart and had to portray a prostitute on the streets with many eyes looking at her, but she still acted naturally.She said: "Actually I pretended to be a prostitute in Lives of Omission, but this time I'm a prostitute for the entire series. To make it more realistic, I went to the nightclubs to do some research and even got into the night life of nightclub dancers! This really helped me in portraying my role."

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