Mandy Wong had no choice but to end 4-year relationship for sake of career

25 November 2012 / 3 years 11 months ago

Source: TVB News WorldSome people are willing to give up their careers for love, while there are others who believe career is more important than love. TVB's young 'FaDan', Mandy Wong, had her boyfriend's support five years ago to participate in the Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant and entered the industry from there. However, the couple eventually had conflicts due to her unfixed work schedule and despite several recovery attempts, the relationship came to an end. In an interview published on Oriental Daily, Mandy said: "I believe not many people can remember that I entered the industry through the Miss Hong Kong pageant (in 2007). I remember myself as someone who didn't have much courage at that time."It was my mother who encouraged me to participate in the contest. I didn't feel strongly about it at all and I was afraid my boyfriend wouldn't like it. However, he was actually very supportive, but I still had a lot of mix feelings while I was running for Miss HK."First, I wasn't someone in the limelight so I just focused on my own training. I was so silly to think, "don't let me win" because if I won, then I would have to give up my relationship."I basically didn't know how the entertainment circle is like. Everyone just has their attention on the popular contestants and I was considered the dark horse. Perhaps because that year they had a lot of dance performances and I had a dance background, so I was able to pick up the routine faster than others and gain more confidence then."In the end, Mandy lost out to Kaiyi Cheung for the Miss Hong Kong title but that, unfortunately, also signalled the beginning of the end of her relationship.She recounted: "After Miss HK ended, I entered the TVB Artistes Training Class but I started out very discouraged. I saw the three former winners of Miss Hong Kon dressed so beautiful, doing goodwill activities and gaining experience. It turns out this feeling I had was envy, I really envied them. I started from zero, and I began to think if I had won the title, I could probably get famous faster and my future in this industry will be brighter. Luckily, I quickly adjusted my mentality and soon after, TVB made arrangements for me to join the acting crew and officially start my acting career. "I started working day and night, my schedule wasn't fixed and I had less time to be with my boyfriend. I used to spend the majority of my time with him, but since the filming schedules were unfixed, I couldn't just leave work and go out to play. Slowly, we began having more conflicts and also, my family financial issues got worse. Although we tried to rescue the relationship, it eventually didn't work out."I thought to myself, "not unless I quit!" But I was in a big dilemma -- the relationship was dragging for some time and I knew career and love cannot coexist, so I made a very hard decision and ended our four-year relationship to focus entirely on my career. It is harsh, but I had no other choice! However, the decision seems to have given her an impetus to reach for the top of the TVB tree and surprisingly, Mandy will make the same difficult decision again if she was placed in a similar position again."Back to single life, I actually felt like I lost a heavy burden. I could concentrate more on work and didn't have as much to worry about. I didn't have to worry about [my boyfriend] being unhappy because I had a kiss/intimate scene with someone else. There was no longer distractions, I could concentrate more on my character, so even if I had to choose again today, I would have done the same thing, choose career over my relationship without hesitation. I'm not cold-blooded, I just think since I chose to pursue an acting career, I should focus entirely on it. I cannot let other things affect me. I enjoy the sense of accomplishment my work brings me, so I sacrificed my relationship and had absolutely no complaints because a relationship requires engagement by both parties. It is mutual accommodation, and not full of complaints!"

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