Mandy Lieu's BF's wife plans to have C-section so that baby and Alvin Chau will share same b'day

10 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

Macau gambling and movie tycoon Alvin Chau's wife, Heidi Chan and girlfriend, Mandy lieu are both pregnant with his kids.

Heidi, who is 7 months pregnant, is expected to give birth in June. She has already booked a suite in a hospital and asked a geomancer to select an auspicious birth date for her baby, reports Asian Pop News.

However, tabloids recently published photos of of her husband, Alvin and Mandy vacationing in England, France and Japan.

They even published kissing photographs of them. This reportedly prompted Heidi to change her mind about her baby's bith date.

Without discussing with her husband, Heidi reportedly decided to arrange for a cesarean section on Alvin's birthday (May 30) which is 2 weeks ahead of her expected due date.

A source said, "Heidi doesn't want to lose out. She is worried that on his coming birthday, Alvin may celebrate it with Mandy. If her baby's birth date is on his birthday, he will definitely be at Heidi's side to witness his baby's birth. Also, in future, she can request her husband to celebrate his birthday together with their baby."

After Heidi's mocking message, Mandy also posted a message last week on her Instagram, which is widely suspected to fire back at Heidi.

She wrote: "You can't be me darling, so don't even bother. That's just pathetic. PS: This body does not wear XXL... So start working on yourself before you try to pull others down."

Alvin Chau’s son, Chau Pak Ho, interpreted Mandy’s comment as an insult to a family member. He went to Mandy’s Instagram and asked who wore large size, asking her to apologize.

In less than two hours, Mandy responded to Pak Ho’s message and explained that it was meant for an imposter on Facebook attempting to sell XXL-size clothing.

Mandy replied, “You’re so sensitive. Bear in mind I’m not the one changing things in your life.”

Mandy further suggested that she and Pak Ho hash things out in a private message. “It’s more civilized don’t you think?”

Pak Ho stressed he was only trying to protect loved family members.

Recently, Heidi also posted a message online, "I have a son and daughter and a family. How can I let go easily? I have been trying hard to protect and defend my family."

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