Mandy Lieu and lover's son argue on social media -- over cryptic message

8 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

Casino tycoon Alvin Chau (周焯華) is known for his bold affairs. Although his wife Heidi Chan (陳慧玲) is currently pregnant, Alvin’s lover Mandy Lieu (劉碧麗) is also pregnant with his child at the same time. While Heidi accepts her husband’s infidelity as normal male behavior, Alvin’s son Chau Pak Ho (周柏豪) did not mince his words when criticizing Mandy.

According to a Jayne Stars article, earlier, Mandy posted a cryptic message on her Instagram, “You can’t be me darling, so don’t even bother. That’s just pathetic. PS: This body does not wear XXL… So start working on yourself before you try to pull others down!”’

Alvin Chau’s son, Chau Pak Ho, interpreted Mandy’s comment as an insult to a family member. He went to Mandy’s Instagram and asked who wore large size, asking her to apologize.

In less than two hours, Mandy responded to Pak Ho’s message and explained that it was meant for an imposter on Facebook attempting to sell XXL-size clothing. Mandy replied, “You’re so sensitive. Bear in mind I’m not the one changing things in your life.” Mandy further suggested that she and Pak Ho hash things out in a private message. “It’s more civilized don’t you think?”

Pak Ho stressed he was only trying to protect loved family members. “I hope you respect that, and that you will try to minimize your impact that you have on my family, especially on my sister. I believe this is not good for her upbringing and development to a teenager.”

He also chided Mandy that she should use her celebrity status on social media for good causes, such as generating awareness for the Nepal earthquake.

Mandy retorted, “I agree with you that social media should be used to promote compassion. Unfortunately, there’s always haters and things get blown out of proportion.”

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